Mentorship Program


order clomid uk Learn from an experienced trader a robust path to become lucrative. The program offers individual treatment and Nikolas answers questions and doubts of his students. Nikolas also comments on trades that his students have taken and on his own trades.

MATERIALS The student receive each week the material that he needs to study. Each week PDFs  will be sent among video lessons and recommended books to read. The learner is expected to study at least 20 hours per week. Nikolas will discuss with his student real trades and will solve any doubts. The program usually takes one year to be completed.


The student is expected to master statistical proven evidences and to trade in a bayesian and holistically way. All market and their interconnections are studied. Several real evidences are mastered such as: fractals, momentum and return to the mean setups, put/call raios, several indicators to cut noise and indicators with real predictive power. The list is far from being exaustive.